Please note: My comments about the links appear BELOW each link. I have general interest links first, and healthcare-related things below

  • Local events in our neighborhood are posted here.

  • This site above looks like a good source for finding people with similar interests.

  • From the Islandwood website: 

"Whether at our 255-acre outdoor learning center, or any of our off-site locations, IslandWood invites children and adults alike to discover a new way of seeing nature, themselves, and one another. In doing so, each person comes to understand their ability to change the world for the better."

         I posted this because taking care of the environment directly impacts our own health, and our interests include ways to help people          make changes in their lives to enhance their health and happiness.

  • This link above shows listing of events and organizations that fit a huge variety of interests and groups. If you want to expand your horizons and get out doing new things, check it out.  

CHIROPRACTIC & General Healthcare links are below:

  • The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is the largest chiropractic association in the US. The ACA promotes the highest patient care standards, through provide continuing education to chiropractors.

  •  This site represents our Washington State Chiropractic Association. They provide continuing education for doctors, and a means    for doctors to find referrals.

  • Graston Technique is a very effective deep tissue work, done by hand. It involves myofascial release by using metal instruments and special massage cream.

  • Hawkgrips is another effective IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) technique, much like Graston. See Above.

  • Why adjust extremities? 

         There are many causes of extremity pain and misalignment. Injuries, poor sleeping posture, improper work conditions or                          ergonomic set-up are examples. Poorly fitting shoes can cause foot, knee, hip and back pain. 

         Cranial adjusting can be alleviate headaches due to injuries, illnesses, and teeth grinding.

  • Injured workers can get information here about contacting WA. Dept. of Labor & Industries, and navigating claims.

  • This organization trains doctors to do disability evaluations, often used when injured workers have finished treatment.