Finding Work That Is Right For You

Almost anything that you do in your daily life either supports your health or breaks it down. The most mundane things matter: the kind of bed you sleep in, pillow you use, the shoes you wear, your family dynamics, the car you drive (from an ergonomic standpoint), your diet, exercise/ lack of; ergonomic aspects of your work, hobbies, and especially the KIND of work you do. Do you like your job, hate it, or feel ambivalent about it? Do you feel trapped? 

From my perspective, when someone comes in with headaches, neck pain, back pain, or extremity problems, almost always, the cause, other than injury, is one or more of the things I listed above. The root cause and failing to recognize what is making you sick becomes a downward spiral. 

I was inspired to do a search for career counseling, watching what my patients go through when their jobs are too stressful. I help in any way I can with the mechanical causes of spine and extremity problems, but counseling issues need to be addressed by the appropriate specialists. I want to know what resources there are for people who realize that they must switch jobs or careers. As I discover interesting resources, I will share them.

Today, I came upon this article from the New York Times. I hope you find it useful.