Dr. Chip Hamilton & Dr. Wini Hamilton



We are a family run Chiropractic practice, located on Phinney Ridge, serving Seattle since 1990.  We treat injured workers, personal injury cases, patients interested in wellness care, babies, children, pregnant moms and adults of all ages. All genders are welcome.

Dr. Chip Hamilton and Dr. Wini Hamilton offer the following services:

  • Hands on chiropractic, using Diversified, Drop table, Activator and SOT
  • Extremity adjusting (feet, knees, hands, elbows, jaw, etc.). We both have CCEP certification: http://www.councilonextremityadjusting.com/
  • Custom orthotics, made on-site. 
  • Graston Technique, advanced certification: http://www.grastontechnique.com/
  • Exercise instruction, nutritional advice.
  • Deep tissue work as part of the treatment.